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A subterranean intersection between light and Carrara Bianco Marble, exploring marble’s relevance to contemporary art while engaging in its journey from piece of the earth’s mantle to finished translucent forms.
Created as Lens&Chisel with Adam Glatherine. Shown at BasementArts.

MantlePiece is a featured exhibition in the publication Hypogeal (Nov 2017, ISBN: 9 781788 089968).

Abstract Landscapes

My Sculptures displayed with Photographs of these by Adam Glatherine as our first outing as Lens&Chisel. The photo does not function to document the sculpture rather each to juxtapose the other, bringing out in both qualities that otherwise may have remained unseen.


Keith Ackerman
©2017-19 Keith Ackerman
Website and Photography by Adam Glatherine (except where otherwise stated)